How to Win on Instagram – Part 2 – The Apps


In a previous post we discussed different ideas to help with your Instagram popularity, and what we have learned thus far in our short amount of time with our travel Instagram account.. details here. But perhaps that left you with questions about the different apps we have alluded to in the different sections..

Well the time has come to review some of the ones we currently use, and the ones we have deleted..


Alright.. we use this as a tool for all of our social media just because it allows you to schedule posts. We have insta, Twitter and Facebook set up on it. It gives us feeds of all 3 and allows us to like and comment on different Instagram hashtags. We have set up both #travel and #wanderlust as feeds it updates and can just see the new pics all the time. It just runs in the background on our Macbook when we are doing stuff and we check in every now and then. BEST NEWS: Basic plans are free.


I like this one because it allows you to set up an Instagram post and then reminds you when you need to post it, and all you do is follow the prompts and finish posting when you get the alert. This is perfect if you know that Wednesday at 2pm is your sweet spot for followers, but you always forget to post then. It allows you to get your photo ready, as well as caption with the hashtags and set a time, then bam.. you aren’t missing that sweet spot.

Followers Pro For Instagram

This is the current app we are using right now to figure out who is following and unfollowing us. Sometimes we know we got 50 new followers but Instagram doesn’t allow our notifications to go that far back, so this allows us to see what happened. Also, we always unfollow those who unfollow us, so this allows us to do it quite quickly as soon as they unfollow us. It also has some analytics available. We just use the free version of this, because we paid for a different app. This is the easiest and best working one we have found thus far.


We paid for this one. It sometimes takes a long time to go through your entire list, but it allows for multiple accounts so we shelled out the $5 for it or whatever it was. This app also shows you who is not following you back. However, we use it for determining who we should unfollow and getting it to do it in batches in the background while we do other stuff. It allows you to unfollow those without pictures, ghost followers, and those who have been inactive for a set period of time. It allows you to choose from 30, 60, or 90 days, or put in your own days amount. It also allows you different modes for deleting people, like the night mode which will unfollow a specific list that you have added to the cue randomly throughout the night etc. You can try it out for free though! Some have mentioned you can keep deleting it over and over again to get it free for life, that just seemed like a lot of work so we opted to pay for it.


This ones great for the times you find something amazing and want to repost – with credit (as you always should). It gives you the ability to copy link straight from instagram and repost from the app.

Step 1: Click the three dots on the top left of the picture you want to repost and click down to “Copy Link”

Step 2: Open the Repost app and the pic should appear at the top under “New” – Click on it

Step 3: decide where you want the original Instagrammers name and what color – light or dark

Step 4: Click “Repost” and “Got it” then copy to Instagram

Step 5:  Crop photo, add your special touch and post away!

Note: We always tag and add the original contributor in the caption – help the person out and give them an easy link for people to go and follow them too.. that’s what instagram is all about!

Apps we no longer use or didn’t like

FollowMeter for Instagram – Followers Tracking – by BeakerApps –  It stopped working, constantly freezing and shutting down on us.

Followers + for Instagram – Follower Analytics from Tappple – Super glitchy, always crashes – way better options out there.

That’s all for now.. if you have any that you absolutely love and we haven’t talked about, send us a message! We are always ready to check out new apps that streamline everything. Pay special attention though, we do not pay for followers or download anything that offers that, nor do we download the ones that offer the different hashtags, we can do that all ourselves. Happy Gramming! Access Token is invalid, please get it again

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