The Versatile Blogger Award


Wow.. our first award.. 

First, we want to thank the academy and our friends, and *blah blah blah*… Cue the music to play us off..

Oh wait.. it was just a dream.. we were like Kanye, just nominated and stealing the whole show from Taytay.. 

So, what is the Versatile Blogger Award you may be asking?

This is an award given out by other travel bloggers, which can be a really nice gesture.. Especially when you’re new to the community, or just starting out like us. Then you in turn are asked to choose 15 other bloggers to award. You can nominate those who have inspired you, or you’ve enjoyed reading their valuable content, or people you think are on an amazing journey (and perhaps you are a bit jealous of).

Here Are A Few Simple Rules Of The Award

1. In order to help people get to know you better, post 7 things about yourself you want to share with other bloggers.

2. Thank who nominated you and share a link to their blog.

3. Choose 15 blogs/bloggers who inspire you, or you’ve just discovered who you think should be given this award.



So first off.. a huge thank you to our friends at Two Travelling Toques for the nomination! Our fellow Canadians, we are always excited to know there is other Canadians on this around the world adventure! Plus.. they have Himalayan Persians.. which I also had growing up!

When we started this blog, only a few months ago, we had no idea if anybody would even notice us. It seems like the internet is saturated with blogs and travel blogs to say the least. However, we thought we would give it a go, and share everything we are learning. Even reaching a person here or there is success for us! We can’t wait to travel more to add more experiences, and thanks for listening to our ramblings!

7 Things About Us

  1. We recently moved to Winnipeg, MB after living in Fort McMurray, AB for a few years. Jessie is originally from Kelowna, BC and Jamie is originally from Grand Prairie, AB.
  2. We are not big fans of winter, hence why we wish to become expats somewhere warm.
  3. Jessie is a certified Canadian teacher, which is awesome if you want to move abroad or teach English while traveling abroad.
  4. Jamie is going to complete all his PADI certification so he can become a divemaster eventually!
  5. Our two Great Danes will be joining us – Phoenix is the blue Dane, and Apollo is the Harlequin. They are big lazy giants!
  6. Neither of us speak any other language, than English – So Google Translate will be our best friend!
  7. Our main inspiration stemmed from the TV Show “Departures” in which 3 Canadian boys wander the world, sometimes to off the beaten path places. They are funny, real, and entertaining. We own all 3 seasons of the show and Jessie has been one of the cult followers since her mom watched the first episode on OLN many years ago and told her she just had to tune in! You can follow the 3 main guys by clicking on their names: Justin Lukach, Scott Wilson, and Andre Dupuis. Or order the season here (It’s also on iTunes) and have it on as background anytime you are in the house like us.. (I also ordered the travel wallet too.. yea my addiction is real). 

Fellow Bloggers We Admire

  1. Trevor and Kashlee –
  2. Matt –
  3. Dana –
  4. Sonja –
  5. Melissa –
  6. Nico & Vicky –
  7. James & Whitney –
  8. Gemma & Simon –
  9. Ricky & Marley –
  10. Adrian & Tina –
  11. Rosie & Karl –
  12. Christine & Adam –
  13. Jordan –
  14. Chris & Angela –
  15. Jodi –

We also have an honorary mention of our friends Meipsy & Derek and their two children… you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as Shacks On The Road. They are currently on a one year break from Teaching in Fort McMurray, where they are traveling around the world… the little ones even now have their own Instagram accounts! Follow them here: @shacksontheroad

There are many more that have influenced us.. we’ve looked at many blogs for inspiration and guidance to show us where we should go next and that others have successfully made their dreams come true.. with so many places to go, the question is what order! And where to next?

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