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Air Miles, Aeroplan, Credit Cards.. there are a lot of options out there for travel rewards. Many allow you to use your credit card that you pay a yearly fee for, and you have blackout periods. Well we don’t like picking cards based on what they are going to offer us. We don’t even like credit cards to begin with. Especially because our goal is to be debt free relatively soon! Enter Save On Foods Travel Rewards..

What it is:

Save On Foods is a Canadian company that operates in BC, AB, SK, and MB. So if you do not live in these Canadian provinces.. you are probably out of luck.. kind of. You can still buy travel from their website, which is often less than what I have found on other sites. As well, you still get travel points when you are buying from them. But I digress.. Save On Foods is a grocery store, much like Safeway, Sobey’s, and Superstore. However, if you love to travel, this is the one you are going to want to shop at if you want discounted travel!


Yes, you read that right. $1000+. Granted, Jamie did have a lot of points he had been saving up. But every little bit helps, right? They have an extensive website which you can access here. It allows you to search up anything you like, and much like Kayak, allows you to fly with different airlines for the same trip. When we went to Greece we actually called in (very little wait on hold, real person, friendly, english speaking) and she hooked us up with a free upgrade on our flight from Toronto to London. That meant we found ourselves in Premium Economy, which meant unlimited booze, better food, more room, travel packs, and a quieter area. Totally a nice perk we could get used to! She also worked out a great, cheap flight for us that allowed us a day to explore London on our way to Greece. If you are not a fan on layovers, you need to try a long layover. They often allow you to see multiple destinations for the same price as the regular flight, or just a few bucks more. I stopped over in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 days one time.. yea. Beautiful layover!

Reasons Why We Love It:

  • You need to buy groceries and household products anyways. Why not start getting extra points? They often have bonus points offered for buying certain products, and if you download the app often there is coupons to get extra points for spending $35, $50, $100 and so on.
  • If you have a credit card that allows you points on your purchases to redeem for flight you could collect on two fronts, bonus!
  • There is no minimum amount to trade in, when you login to the site it tells you how many dollars you can put towards travel. 
  • They offer a huge selection of vacation packages and flights. Our Cuba vacation was cheaper through their site than through most we checked, plus it allowed us to upgrade for extremely cheap compared to what other people at the same resort had said.
  • You can search your own vacation and make combinations as you please. You seem to have more control of your flight options and take more of a role of travel rep, in my opinion. If you are not getting what you want, calling in always helps (they have more control).
  • The website is easy to navigate and the customer service reps are friendly, efficient, and personable.
  • It is completely free to join, and complete free to redeem
  • Not to mention Save On Foods has always been a respectable and high quality choice for buying food/products. You rarely have to worry about empty shelves with them, or the one thing you need being sold out. 

So, that’s our reasoning for Save On More Travel Rewards. If you haven’t already gotten a Save On More card you should probably go get one, and hopefully you live somewhere you can frequent their extensive list of stores.

What is your favorite travel rewards program? Any we should avoid? Comment below!


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