Moving Abroad with Dogs


The struggle is real.. 

So, we really want to move abroad. Canada has been home for 30+ years for both of us, and the world is a large and beautiful place with so many cultures and adventures that we have yet to have explored. But.. we have fur children!

Two Great Danes.. our babies..

Phoenix is almost 6 years old.. She’s the blue dane. She got me through a lot. My mom and stepdad passed away very suddenly and it was really hard for me to get through. But this little lady came into my life a couple months after it happened. I had been looking for a blue dane for years, but they were always waitlisted for, or they were gone before I had a chance to ask about them. She’s my little princess. She’s not dog friendly though, because she’s been attacked a couple times, and once you are attacked once, sometimes it is hard to trust others.. so that adds another difficult dimension into moving away with them..

Just look how pretty she is though..

And well.. Apollo.. he’s are Harlequin.. He got the looks but forgot to get in line for the brains. He’s a goofy, bratty, little bugger that always picks on his good natured older sister who just likes chilling all day. He’s a big dumb oaf. Apollo is just over a year now, and he’s a tank.

So originally we wanted to go to Thailand.. but moving with dogs that are as large of these two will be very expensive.. now we are looking at somewhere in Central America that we can drive to. It is going to take a lot of work to find out what is needed to have them come with us, as well as finding a residence that is suitable for our two gentle giants. Fenced yards seem to be a very North American thing.. or maybe not.

At this point.. we were looking at spending well over 6 grand Canadian to get them across the pond, probably more like 10 grand.. that wasn’t including the custom crates that would need to be built and any fees or charges with importing large breed dogs. Plus, both would need certain shots and medical records, as well as shots done right before we leave. The cost alone, seems too much. Not to mention, how stressful 48+ hours of travel could be in loud airports and new people in weird lands. I mean, maybe if we just had one it would seem feasible.. but with two it just seems like too much. We could use that money for traveling instead.

So plan B it is. We figure we would be better off taking one of our vehicles and driving south with them.. somewhere we could reach by car no problem. We do want to move abroad.. but the requirements are only tropical, safe, good diving, and international schools. Thailand was our first choice, but if it’s going to be too expensive to move these two giants, maybe we put that on hold for a few years and head somewhere else. We don’t want them quarantined for days or weeks or even months.. so we are now looking at places that we can move them with ease.

Anybody have any experience with this? Please comment any tips you might have below!

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Jackie de Burca
Hi Jessie & Jamie, Your fur children are absolutely gorgeous (Jackie from over on Twitter, we just connected there :)) This is a bit of a pickle for sure, and I guess if I were in your position I would certainly try to find a balance between your wanderlust and your fur children. As I am writing this Santa Fe New Mexico comes to mind. It’s a place I haven’t got to yet, but it has been on my subconscious for many years. As I am based in Europe, I am clueless about the laws re taking your dogs from… Read more »