Blogging For Dummies – Day 1


Alright.. I say blogging for dummies not to make fun of anybody, but ourselves. Hahaha

I’ve taken university classes that included blogging, mainly WordPress. So we started out with the traditional free blog. However, we found it hard to get what we wanted from it and decided to migrate over to a web hosting service that integrates WordPress right in. We researched quite a bit, and most bloggers seemed to say that Bluehost was the web hosting best choice. They had a good deal on so Jamie and I splurged for a 3 year deal with all the bells and whistles.. and then, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

So.. you start out with something that looks like this.. it is called your cPanel.. awesome.. But where is our website?

Bluehost start page


We had no idea what to do after this.. so we googled like any good couple of dummies who don’t know what they are doing..We found out that there is a one touch install of WordPress.. PERFECT! We know how to use that.. sort of.

So we tried both of the ones we have circled.. because here is where we got stuck..

Because we kept going to the themes from the Bluehost dashboard and they all cost between $49-$99 (Ouch). Now I don’t want to say we are cheap, but we literally just spent a couple hundred dollars on web hosting… so needless to say we found it asinine that we would then have to pay for themes when they are free on the free WordPress ( websites. We were both a bit disheartened and we were wondering WTF WTH was going on, why did nobody mention this to us?

Well.. Jamie somehow stumbled onto the WordPress website login page (or really, just go to and login) and I entered in our login information.. and whhhhhhhhaaaaala! We were in business! Success.. Yay! PARTY!!!! I was so excited I stayed up until midnight playing around with the themes.. midnight is late when you’re as old as us, and have to work in the morning. Even the dogs were in bed before me.. they need their beauty sleep..

So.. if you are following along and have gotten this far.. I will discuss the WordPress dashboard more in another post.. however, for now Appearance and then Themes is where you can spend the next half an hour playing around with (or if you are like me 3 hours hah).

Here’s what your WordPress dashboard should look like and where you will find the appearance button..

Have fun.. and stay tuned.. I’ll keep you updated on anything we find.. Needless to say.. don’t pay the $49-$99 on a theme straight from bluehost.. I know we got a $50 Credit for one of the theme providers (just noticed that now) but.. wordpress has plenty of good ones that you can start out with. They will take a bit of tweaking.. but google is your best friend. Many have come before you and written blogs just like this one!

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